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Buying Guide to Robotic Lawnmowers


How a Robotic Lawnmower Works

For some, mowing the lawn is a pleasant experience. For others, it is time consuming task that needs to be done. A robotic mower will allow you the customer to unlock hours of free time. The robotic mowers we sell allow you to spend their spare time with the family or doing things they enjoy. They are also beneficial for gardeners whom have mobility concerns or are away from the home a lot. The other positives are that it is better for the environment as they run on batteries and require no petrol, oil or pollution.

Robotic Lawnmowers such as the AL-KO, Ambrogio, Kress, Robomow and many more brands work quietly, safely and gently. Whilst allowing the lawns to look healthier and greener due to the lawn being frequently mowed.

The Robotic Lawnmowers can be purchased to be used in your urban garden; if you have a larger more challenging lawn the larger models we sell will allow you to get the job done. Robotic Lawnmowers will do the lawn efficiently and still have your lawn looking in great shape.

How do Robotic Mowers Work?

Robotic Lawn Mowers work by detecting the garden perimeters via sensors or a boundary wire. Perimeter wires/boundary wires are laid out around the edge of the lawn- along with obstacles to stay within the designated area.

Many lawn mowers tend to travel around the lawn in a random fashion. The random fashion usually reduces the chance of wheel marks forming on the ground. The grass clippings from the robotic mower are placed back onto the ground. Mulching is the process where the clippings are not collected but are dropped onto the ground. These clipping then decompose which leads to the nutrients being placed back into the soil.

Determine your lawn size

Which robot lawn mower you need depends on the size of your lawn. The lawn size that a robot lawn mower can handle depends on a combination of its battery, software, and cutting width. When choosing the best robot lawn mower for your lawn, your lawn size is the first thing to look out for. We have divided all robot lawn mowers into lawn surface, so you only have to select your total area to see which selection of mowers meets that.

1.Calculate areas and distances with Google Maps
Who hasn't done it before? Search for your own address on Google Maps. The search result will deliver a bird's eye perspective of your property.

2. Choose a starting point
Right-click on the point you like to start from and choose "Measure distance".

3. Define the area
Click by click you can now trace the lawn area with the left mouse button until you reach the starting point again.

4. Read off the garden size

You just need to read off the area size now. Nice to know is also the length (distance) of the drawn in line. The value will give a rough picture of how much boundary wire you will need.

Robotic Lawn Mower Features

Many robotic mowers are fully automatic, but the additional features on robotic mowers vary from model to model. Such features can be smart connectivity using apps etc., GPS navigation and rain sensors.

Smart connectivity also allows you the user to check on the robotic mower such as how long the mower has been out of its base station and to track it if it's stolen if it has this feature. The connectivity of the mowers independent app is extremely useful as it can be for many users quicker and easier to set up rather than inputting buttons on the central console of the machine.

The team at Cheapmowers.com always recommend machines with security features such as lift sensors, GPS trackers or PIN codes to start the robot. To protect your new purchase.
Other brands and models can also connect to an optional Pet Safe Smart tag which can be used with certain Ambrogio models. Which will stop the blade and change direction when approaching the tag. Protecting your previous pets.

Robotic Lawn Mower Requirements

Once up and running robotic mowers are amazing products.

Things to consider is that a robotic mower requires an outdoor power source for the docking station the mower will then use this to recharge when needed. The docking stations for robotic mowers should be level to ensure item docks and exit it effectively. Most robots require when exiting the docking station 2 metres to front and metre each side. So, this can limit certain users due to garden restrictions.

Certain machines are more suitable to slight uneven ground and stepper slopes than others. So please do consider this when purchasing a machine, to ensure you get the most suitable machine for your garden.

Finally, certain models require a boundary wire laying, this can either be done by yourself or done by a professional at a cost.

Don't forget if you're unsure, Cheapmowers are more than happy to help and cab help advise you what is best for your needs. If you need help either Call the Sales Office on 0113 2819219 or support@cheapmowers.com and we will be more than happy to help.'

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