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ELIET NEO2 Garden Shredder

Eliet Neo2 Garden Shredder Electric 2500W
The Eliet Neo 2 ShredderEliet Neo2 Garden Shredder Electric 2500W - view 2The Shredding acttion Eliet Neo2 Garden Shredder Electric 2500W - view 4
Eliet Neo2 Garden Shredder Electric 2500W - view 5

Eliet Neo2 Garden Shredder Electric 2500W

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The Eliet Neo² Garden Shredder features a powerful 2500W electric motor and can cope with a branch diameter of up to 35mm (1.4"). With a chopping speed of 36,000 cuts per minute, it shreds at an impressive 400 litres of material per hour. The feed intake height measures 1390mm.

The innovative Eliet Neo² garden shredder is the world's first shredder to feature a transparent composite shredding chamber, which enables the user to look inside and follow the shredding process. Being able to see the shredding chamber allows the user to anticipate blockages, choking and the wearing out of knives. The glass fibre reinforced high tech composite plastic construction of the chamber helps to keep noise levels down.

High power enables the Neo² to tackle high and demanding workloads with an aesthetically shaped air intake designed to produce optimised airflow around the motor for maximum cooling. The motor is suspended with vibration absorbing rubber silencers to prevent vibrations from the cutting drum being transferred to the housing, keeping noise emissions to a minimum.

The blades of the Eliet Neo shredders can be maintained easily by simply removing the safety cover and disassembling the cutting reel. The power socket cover locks in place to prevent disconnection during operation. The Eliet Neo² shredder has a low and comfortable feed height. The feed intake opening has been reduced in size as a safety precaution but the shape ensures minimum resistance when feeding and can be rotated for awkwardly shaped branches. The collecting box slides smoothly into place with a contactless magnetic safety switch to prevent the box being opened from the output side.


Eliet Neo2 Garden Shredder 35mm

Easy Maintenance
A large opening is available to the chipping chamber by opening the transparent hatch and removing the unbreakable safety cover. The shaft allows easy access to the removable blades.

Compact Design
The Neo quickly folds up, halving its volume for compact storage. The wheel frame can be used to hang it.

Feed-In Opening
The feed-in opening is limited for safety reasons and ensures the least resistance when introducing material. The opening can be modified to feed seriously split branches.

Large Capacity
The aesthetically designed air openings provide the best air flow around the engine for maximum cooling.

Transparent Chipping Chamber
Manufactured from highly technical plastic composite, this innovation enabled the design of a superior chipping chamber with the best and fastest chipping flow. The material is sound absorbing for reduced noise. Thanks to the transparent window, the user can view the chipping chamber and follow the chipping process to prevent obstructions and anticipate when the blades are worn.

Power Socket
The power socket is integrated into the shredder's design. The cover keeps the plug in its place and will automatically close when the plug is removed.

Large Wheels
The Neo is equipped with strong aluminium 250mm wheels with large 65mm tyres. The ergonomic handle provides a good grip so the chipper can be moved around easily.

Collection Box
The transparent plastic 50 litre collection box slides smoothly under the shredder and is equipped with a magnetic safety switch.

Calibrating Sieve
The high cutting speed and a calibrating sieve with a grid with correctly dimensioned holes ensure the production of small, uniform clippings.

Low Noise
The motor is surrounded by rubber sound barriers.


Motor: 230V
Power : 2500W /3.5hp
Shreddable Branch Diameter : 35mm / 1.4"
Capacity: 8 full boxes/hour
Chopping Speed : 36,000 cuts/min
Shredding Technology : Eliet Chopping Principle™
Noise Reduction : Composite housing, vibration absorbing rubber silencers
Knives : 12 Eliet RESIST™ knives (reversible)
Feed Intake Opening : 160mm / 6.4" diameter
Collecting Box Capacity : 50L / 11 gallon
Durability : Thermal motor protection
Feed Height : 1390mm
Chassis : Composite
Safety : Motor brake
Storage dimensions (LxWxH) : 800x600x110mm : 32x24x44"
Wheels (Ø x W / material) : 250x65mm aluminium : 10x2.6" aluminium
Rotor : 2 discs with 12 blades in total
Cutting Width : 130mm / 5.2"
Transmission : Direct
Noise Leve : 94dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 800x600x1470mm : 32x24x59"
Weight : 40kg / 88.4lbs
Warranty : 2 year manufacturer's guarantee

Warranty 2 year Domestic.

{About Eliet}

All Eliet machines are built in the heart of Europe. As a Belgian manufacturer Eliet's home market is limited, so the company is focused on export.

Ever since it was established, Eliet has specialised in a number of niche markets. More than 20 years down the line, Eliet continues to produce machines in the three most important areas of application:

Garden waste treatment
Lawn maintenance and lawn creation
Waste clearance

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