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Towed Scarifiers - Aerators - Dethatchers

Handy Towed Dethatcher Scarifier - Lawn Tractor Attatchment THTD

Handy Towed Dethatcher Scarifier - Lawn Tractor Attatchment THTD

Our Price: 79.98 (Inc Vat 20%)

The Handy 40 inchTowed Dethatcher / Scarifier for a healthy lawn or small paddock it brings layers of thatch and moss embedded within the lawn to the surface which enables your lawn to breathe more freely. Using the Handy Towed Dethatcher in the spring, ...more about this Handy dethatcher scarifier



Our Price: 114.95 (Inc Vat 20%)

Tine dethatchers do a gentle job of bringing matted layers of thatch and large clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. Use De-thatchers in the spring, midsummer and autumn. When mowing without bagging or sweeping, many layers of thatch can build up on the soil’s surface preventing ...more about the Agri Fab 45-0294 De thatcher



Our Price: 144.95 (Inc Vat 20%)

This 48" model, for the largest of lawns, has 24 heated treated tines, 3/16" in diameter. Transport Wheels: 7" x 1.5 semi-pneumatic Weight 35lbs....more about this dethatcher

AGRI-FAB Towed 48 inch Plug Aerator (45-0299)

AGRI-FAB Towed 48 inch Plug Aerator (45-0299)

Our Price: 244.00 (Inc Vat 20%)

The best kind of aeration for tired lawns. Remove 3/4" diameter soil plugs from the lawn, allowing compacted soil to loosen up in addition to the benefits provided by a spike aerator. Best for easily compacted soil (like clay), heavy-traffic areas (playgrounds and sports fields), and burned out, drought-damaged lawns....more about this Plug Aerator

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